You have to keep going


I finished eating the last of the 500g bag of dried fruit. That was exactly 400g of left-over-from-Christmas-cake sultanas in one sitting. Five minutes before, celebrity plastic surgery ‘before and after photos’ had caught my attention. And before that, a six-part series on Aussie budget weddings served up a perfect procrastination plate. After writing seven cookbooks, their structure is familiar to me. I think of a simple dish, then change it substantially to make it my own. A shepherds pie with both rosemary and thyme. A creamy mash topping enhanced with some squash. A splash of sherry to give it some edge or a pile of vegetables for a vegan twist. I can’t apply the same method to writing my first memoir. My head hurts, my soul is tired but my heart gently whispers, keep going. What’s challenging you at the moment?


Photo by Pereanu Sebastian


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