What if being good enough is enough?

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You know how it is when you get so busy? Things fall by the wayside new projects come up and time runs away with you? And before you know it several weeks have gone past. Well, I have been in that state for the last few months. I am writing a book, and it is not about food, It’s about life — the perils and the pitfalls and how and how to rise above them. All Written by me. I have had lots of trial but much more error. Cooking has taken a back seat. I am looking at an empty bag from Deliveroo my local food delivery company as we speak. Take out, fast, fresh and easy.

I have been doing a fair bit of new things on my social media of late. Being more personal, saying what I want to say and being the person that I actually am. What a fantastic experience to just let go, have you tried it? From being more open on the internet, I have received some heartfelt messages from some inspiring people. It is essential to protect yourself sometimes, but being vulnerable at the right times is powerful. One thing I have learnt about the power of vulnerability? It is contagious.

A lady wrote to me recently. She explained to me that she had been sitting inside for most of the day and had just been pottering about doing nothing much. Towards the end of the day, she began to feel guilty that she had not phoned her parents or any friends on that day. And that perhaps she had not made enough of her time. Her lack of connection with others on that Sunny Sunday evening in Hampstead had made her feel down. Not because she craved attention and conversation, but she felt that she had not done what she should. And that she was not feeling like the best daughter/friend in the world and should have done better.

We can fight with our inner demons which of course we all have. The ones that come and tell us that we should have done more and that our best is never enough. They say you can silence these word, but after half a decade of meditation, I am not a believer in that. Let’s let the inner critic stand Godlike on its soapbox and shout down at us proclaiming to be the fountain of knowledge and of all that is best for us. And as that voice keeps banging on, how about we find another voice a gentle voice? One that speaks in reassuring tones, and one that calms and encourages us. Let’s develop that voice as our internal best friend our ally, not a tyrannical fiend. One that whispers to us in times of turmoil. You are and have always been good enough And Good enough is enough.



  1. Melknda
    10th April 2019 / 8:06 am

    Beautiful sentiment and spot on. . We are good enough… even in our moments of vulnerability.

    Thank you for your insightful and authentic content. We humans are craving authenticity as we traverse this digital age where everything can be manipulated into what we want it to be. Authenticity doesn’t roll like that.

    Much appreciation to know your authentic, or striving to be such, and showing us your vulnerable self… within good boundaries of course.

    With that… be well.

  2. Kate
    14th April 2019 / 9:57 am

    Thank you this article is Just what i neaded

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