These three in one utensils are pretty genius

Are you looking to spring clean your kitchen utensils? Wooden spoons looking a bit shabby? Then look no further than these three-in-one finds  from the innovative kitchen utensil collection by Mason Cash. They are pretty genius. The weather is going to get cooler tomorrow. This may prompt you to hang up your summer togs for a while and get on with a little baking.


These utensils are made of beech a beautiful creamy looking hard wearing wood. The spatula feels so good that when on a call earlier I wedged the phone between my cheek and shoulder so my hands could be free to massage it and revel in its smoothness. Beech may not be the most sustainable wood on the planet, but Mason cash are giving us a two utensils in one, so that innovation decreases production and makes good environmental sense.

The slotted Turner with rack puller £7.50

I usually only use a spatula like this for pancakes not for steaks as they say on the website. However it will work well for steaks and for pancakes as you can get under it well as the end of the spatula is very thin. For eggs, it may be a challenge as you need that flexibility to push right under the egg to lift it off. This implement will shine coming into bbq season when racks need to be pushed and tugged around as steaks and burgers are slapped on to the barbie, and Whispering Angel and Pimms flows freely.


The spaghetti spoon measure £7.43

Hang on, is this a three in one? Yes indeed, hold on to your glass water bottles. They have smashed it with the three in one utensil that you never thought you would need but is pretty darn good. We start off with the holes in the centre which if you stick your spaghetti in will give you the right portions for one or two people. Then move on to the left outer edge where you will find a squared off corner perfect for getting right into the bottom ‘corners’ of your risotto pan. Then you have the spoon to stir the pasta but also to serve it up. The ridges make it easier to scoop up the pasta without it slip sliding around so much. Clever.


The multi-function spatula £7.68

Another three in one invention which will save more space in your bursting kitchen drawers. The straight edge on the right will help you scrape your bowls clean and get all the mixture out. You can pull the large silicone head off this and use it as a scraper if say ingredients have disobediently stuck to the side of the bowl or pan. Thirdly the small spatula at the other end of the utensil is perfect for spreading jams, or levelling out cake mixtures, maybe even frosting cakes and cupakes. It also works well for getting into the bottom of jam jars and the like. Nice touch.

The slotted spoon with egg separator £5.95

Lots of people write to me about egg separation anxiety. This spoon will do well to quell those baking woes. Crack the egg into the spoon while the spoon rests on a plate and then carefully lift up the spoon, and your egg white will run free off keeping the egg yolk capture in the spoon. As long as you do not break the egg yolk of course, which even the most seasoned bakers sometimes do. They also have a pastry brush with the quadruple uses of brushing, crimping, whisking egg wash and pricking pastry. And their whisk which doubles as a reamer too. I was never comfy with the word ‘reamer’. It has a particular risque connotation to it. One that perhaps should not be associated with the angelic act of baking a cake. Back in Witney, we call it a posh lemon juice squeezer out-er.


The Bakers Spoon and Jar Scraper £7.00

We start off again with a scraper at the top of the spoon. Sliding down to the base we find a measuring spoon marked off with 1 tbsp, 1 tsp and 1/2 a tsp. It will be easier to measure liquids with this. Pour some liquid on to the spoon to get the right amount. Powders will prove a bit of a challenge however but still a good idea. Then, of course, its original function for beating (mixtures not people), mixing, stirring and blending.

Happy baking x










  1. Charles Burbridge
    23rd April 2018 / 12:42 am

    Thanks, beautiful lady will give them a try as I often cook pancakes and spaghetti, they will come in handy.

  2. Babette Dickerson
    3rd August 2018 / 1:13 am

    Hi Lorraine,

    It’s great to see that you have achieved your dreams with so much happiness. I remember your telling me in great detail how you, as a beginning model, were going to achieve so many wonderful things in your life. Well done! Your spirit is still bright.

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