Sunday Motivation

I have spent so much of my time doing the opposite of this quote. I just kept banging on the door when it closed in my face hoping that it would re-open.  Or banging on the door that had never opened in the first place. I can safely say, that more often than not, that door did eventually open, bit by bit before it swung wide on its hinges allowing me to go bounding on inside.  A minor battle in my drama fuelled world. But then one day I met an inspiring woman, a spiritual healer by trade. She explained to me the nature of self-made drama, its destructiveness and how if we are used to it and don’t have it for a while, we will seek it out and recreate it in many different ways;  being late, hanging with the wrong people, negative self-talk or destructive life patterns.  How wonderful to know that we can take a deep breath in and an even bigger breath out and let go of some things which we have been chasing so hard to get. And that letting go of it might just be okay.  Inevitably there are some things which we need to keep pushing for, but can you identify anything in your life that you have been pushing so hard for, which perhaps you could let go of if even only for a few days just to see how things feel? Sometimes when we try so hard for something, maybe the reason it is not happening is that it is not meant to be happening at this time.

I find this mantra so very relaxing, comforting and freeing! ” if it comes, let it, if it goes let it” Try it with something in your life which may need a slight change of direction.  Let me know how you get on. Have an enjoyable evening. Lorraine x


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