Strawberry and mint mojitos

This weather, Loving it! Brings out the best in us I believe. 

Try these lovely beauties. You can make them non-alcoholic by replacing the rum with extra lemonade or soda water.  If you’re with friends make a batch to share and if you’re on your own, ring a few people or take them to neighbours this evening  after work. Do remember someone who may be alone this evening and who would appreciate your company. 

Tag me if you make them, recipe below. I’ve categorised these in Everyday healthy recipes as with the soda water and no alcohol they’d be pretty healthy.
These kilner glass jars with handles from John Lewis are super cute to serve them in if you’re going to wait to make them on the weekend. 

This recipe is from my book Fast, Fresh and Easy food.
Time from start to finish: 15 minutes

 Makes: 4 

Equipment: Four 350ml glasses, rolling pin, straws or cocktail stirrers 

3 limes 

8 tbsp demerara sugar 

12 strawberries 

400g crushed ice 

Small handful of fresh mint 250ml white rum
250ml soda water or lemonade (or even Pimm’s)

+ Cut the limes into quarters lengthways and put three pieces in the bottom of each of four 350ml serving glasses. Make sure the glasses are wide enough to fit the end of a rolling pin in. (You’ll see why.) 

+ Add 2 tablespoons of the sugar to each one. Then, using the end of a rolling pin, squash everything together to squeeze the lime juice out and mix with the sugar. 

+ Hull the strawberries (cut out the green bit with the point of a sharp knife) and add three to each glass. Then very gently crush them a bit too.

 + Fill the glasses almost to the top with the crushed ice. Pick and reserve four nice mint sprigs from the bunch and then rip the remaining leaves off the stalks and scatter them onto the ice. Divide the rum evenly between the glasses and then top with the soda water or lemonade. 

+ Mix everything together with a spoon, then add a sprig of mint to each glass and serve at once with a straw or cocktail stirrer popped in.


Big love

Lorraine xxx

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