Put yours on first


There are days when I don’t feel good enough. When the cross of high self-imposed expectations becomes a heavy cross to bear. .
On days like these I try to fill the void with Netflix, fashion or food. Of course none of these fixes work to fill the ‘good enough shaped hole’ inside.


We can turn to the past and blame the inconsistent/tough parents we tried to please by being the ever ‘obedient child’. Always making sure everything and everyone was ok. Or perhaps the memory of a disapproving and critical ex who was never happy no matter how hard we tried.
Or we can make ourselves accountable for where we are today and the changes we want to make to start looking after ourselves more.

If you are suffering from not feeling good enough/people pleasing at home or at work, what will it take to put yourself first?

It can feel unusual initially, selfish even. But your happiness will begin to flourish when you start checking in with what you want more often.
Just like on the plane when they talk of oxygen masks come down, put yours on first. So you are taken care of and in a much better position to look after anyone else.

Lorraine x


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