Pre-workout breakfast bowl with Eggs, beans and figs

I have not had much chance to get to the gym this week. The intention is always there, but when I get down to it, I have managed to find multiple ways to avoid going. Does this sound familiar to you? But today that changes, and I thought I would start the day with a delicious pre-workout bowl. So many of you ask me that question ‘what should I eat before the gym?’ This colourful thing, is full of proteins and carbs to give me energy for the gym and help me build lean muscle. Some say that fats should not be eaten before a big session as this can lead to the body feeling sluggish, but I need my fats with every meal, and I usually feel fine working out on a bowl like this. I have found that switching to a higher fat (healthy) and high protein (also healthy!) way of eating, keeps me fuller longer and does work wonders for the mood. This dish is very simple to make and does not require a recipe, but here it is anyway!
Macros are below too

70g of frozen peas cooked and finished with some fresh thyme
2 eggs hardboiled
90g cherry tomatoes, chopped in half with
1 tbsp of pinenuts
3 figs
100g of tinned chick peas, black beans, butterbeans and lentils
80g of baby leeks steamed
1 handful of baby watercress with 1/2 tsp of chilli flakes
1.5 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
28g protein
55g carbs
18g fiber
36g fat


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