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10 Things you Need to know About Coffee

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Green tea was all well and good until I hit my mid 40s. Then I need a little extra help in the mornings. These are 10 science-backed facts on the worlds favourite hot drink

1. Caffeine use can reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease in women who do not use postmenopausal hormones.

2. Coffee beans are actually berries. They are called beans as they look like more like beans than berries. Go figure.

3. Coffee can increase cardio performance during exercise

4. Decaffeinated coffee does actually contain a small amount of caffeine.

5. A mix of ground up coffee, brown sugar and lemon juice make a great body exfoliant.

6. Coffee enhanced Navy seal trainees performance during training. Effects were seen starting at 1 hour post consumption and lasted up to 8 hours.

7. Drinking coffee even 6 hours before bedtime, can severely disrupt your sleep.

8. Bone fractures were more common in a group of 31, 527 Swedish women over 40 who consumed lots of coffee. This was especially prevalent in those with a low calcium intake.

9. The effects of caffeine don't last as long in people that smoke.

10. Drinking an Excess of alcohol makes the effects of caffeine last longer. Alcohol slows down the speed that caffeine leave the body.

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