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What You Need to Re-Emerge from Lockdown in Style

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The countdown has begun. We're finally getting out of our homes after a long, long winter.

After spending months in baggy track-pants and pyjamas, have we forgotten how to dress? First things first; get yourself a bright, feminine floaty A-line dress. Wear the length that you feel comfortable in. (I swear I'll still be wearing mini dresses when I'm 80). Find a colour that makes you smile, that colour you just can't be without. I put this dress on ready to head out of the door and when I looked down I noticed the thick black hair on my legs! My God, when was the last time they saw a razor? This dress is from Aje and Australia brand I found on Matches Fashion. What's your coming out of lockdown colour going to be?

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