Positive Body Image and in search of a six pack

I bake and eat a whole of cake. I am a baker by trade so it would be rude not too. And there is always room for some cake. But I like anyone else battle with finding the balance between eating what I want and staying trim. I am beginning to release that I will not wake up one day and just discover that all is fine.  It is a life long challenge which I must confront daily. I am trim and have a relatively positive -body image which has taken some years to come by. Of course, there are bits of me what I would like to change… Which is the case with many women, even those of the Victoria Secret kind? But I can love my body and want to change it at the same time, that is a new way of thinking that I am sitting with also. And it feels reassuringly comfortable. It feels good not to beat myself up over the silly little things which don’t matter. The pork pie I ate after lunch, the packet of crisps which I cannot seem to go a day without. You know what? That is okay, and my intentions are all good. I urge you all to do the same, to love your body even if you want to change it. To embrace the lumps and bumps and the parts which you feel are not quite right. I love to bake at the weekends and indulge a little in a slice of something sweet. It is the making and the sharing of the cake


Some would say stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself over and over. Say it to yourself all of the time. I suppose now, I  do love myself, but I find that method far too intrusive. If we went around telling our significant others that we love them ALL of the time, then I think they would soon tire of that too. So it works the same for speaking to ourselves.  I have found the answer coming in at a slightly different angle. When things are going wrong, and I am not feeling myself. When I eat too much food, when I  was little hot headed with a loved one,  or forgot to do something that I should have .. My voice repeats inside “you are good enough Lorraine”.. “I am good enough”.  I repeat it several times, and I urge you to do the same. Try it. If only for a moment. Because, no matter what your perhaps familiar inner voice tells you,  of course, you are good enough, always have been and always will be. Have a great day. Lorraine x


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