Patyka Paris: Luxury Organic skincare worth spending money on

Packaging is stunning. Gift worthy!

Products come in glass bottles and some squeezable tubes.


Luxury organic skincare 

When I opened the box, I was hit by a fresh sensual and  expensive smelling scent. The way it is packaged in a stunning black, and white box, lined with black tissue paper has elegance written all over it. The French do indulgent beauty so well.

Patyka began in the 1920’s and was the first brand in the world to achieve Ecocert organic certification. And most of the range is vegan (except three products).

Youth remodelling cream £70

Coming in a glass bottle which feels super luxurious the youth modelling cream sinks easily in to the skin. Initially it feels to0 thin but it leaves skin feeling soft fresh and dewey.  With no heavy shiny film. And after an hour my skin still felt nicely moisturised.

Advanced plumping serum £70

This product contains Hyaluronic acid which acts as a moisturiser and is said to plump up lines and give a more youthful feel to the face. I rubbed it on and waited for the years to come off but after 30 minutes of patient waiting I still looked the same age.

My skin did feel plumper, which alas only lasted for a few minutes. Some serums have a silicone slimey like feel but this is more like a gel which goes in to the skin easily.

Fortunately, both of the above products are light enough that putting on this next product will not make the skin feel weighed down or block your pores.

Huile Absolue £43

I would be comfortable giving this ‘everything oil’ as a gift to a friend. It has extracts of olive, rose hip and St Johns Wort. Combined they have loads of anti-oxidants to help the skin against premature ageing along with hydrating, healing and astringent properties. I need all of that right now especially after what seemed to be the longest winter known to man.

This may become a favourite travel companion for my work trips away and post the gym. The oil can be used on the face and body as an emergency fix for any dry bits and even on the scalp and the hair. Got to love a three in one product. It is an oil so it did leave me shiny. Which is great for when you are knocking about home. I would not use it under make up as your freshly applied face would slide off. Great for deep facial hydration when you are knocking about at home on the weekend though.

Almond Blossom Moisturising Body milk £23

As much as I love the other products the body milk did not work for me with my dry skin. It will be perfect for someone with normal skin. It has Aloe Vera, Tara seeds and Shea butter for skin regeneration and hydration so I am guessing that although it was not thick enough for me, it will still be doing good things to my skin. And comes in that glass bottle again which makes you feel like you are giving yourself a bit of luxury which is good.  Like all these products it smells divine.

Marine Crystals revitalising body scrub £23

The body scrub smells so good, I could hold it to my nose all day and smell it.  The crystals and the poppy seed particles are fairly big but not scratchy. I felt I got a good polish without the product leaving scratch marks like some body scrubs do. Admittedly sometimes I rub too hard me thinks!  They suggest using it once or twice a week but I am already very addicted to it, so that advice has gone out the window.

Loved this brand. Will be buying the body scrub and the oil again once it runs out. Definitely one for presents too. Let me know your thoughts if you have used this before and tell me how you get on if you buy it! And I am always on the look out for new brands so let me know your favourite clean beauty products. Have a great week.

Lorraine Pascale x


If you spot any typos let me know and I will change them x



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  1. Beatrice Stephens
    22nd April 2018 / 1:08 am

    Thank you for recommending vegan lines! You had a youtube video on one and I stalked that company all the way to Aussie country! Some products worked for me. This brand is a lot more expensive so I don’t know if I can try, but thanks for the recommendations and descriptions. Did you try anything that takes makeup off?

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