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I am Lorraine Pascale, Mum, Times bestselling author, TV chef, gym-obsessive and serial therapy goer. I have strong opinions on living life. And I am here to help you have the courage to live the life you want.


My new Shoe love

Being 5ft 10 inches, I don't wear heels as much as I might like. It's curious that telling someone they are too tall is okay but saying to someone that they are too short is not PC. What do you think about that? I find myself, therefore, wearing flat shoes a lot,...

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Sunday Motivation

I have spent so much of my time doing the opposite of this quote. I just kept banging on the door when it closed in my face hoping that it would re-open.  Or banging on the door that had never opened in the first place. I can safely say, that more often than not, that...

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Positive Body Image and in search of a six pack

I bake and eat a whole of cake. I am a baker by trade so it would be rude not too. And there is always room for some cake. But I like anyone else battle with finding the balance between eating what I want and staying trim. I am beginning to release that I will not...

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A proper pick me up and anti-inflammatory

I eat ginger every single day. Mostly in my morning smoothie to cover up the flavour of the powders and tinctures which I put in it. But I also know that has many healthy benefits from things like soothing sore tummies, to helping calm feeling sick and also reducing...

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The most modern baking bible on the block “BAKE”

I am extraordinarily excited about my new book BAKE which comes out on the 9th of March. It is a labour or love not least because baking is how I came to be about in this TV and celebrity world but more importantly March the 9th would have been my mother's birthday. I...

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Getting fit: how to get started…

Hi Guys, This question comes up A LOT and I recently made a video for my YouTube channel to explain how I kick-started my exercise habit and routine, I hope you find it helpful: Check back here to learn more about my fitness routine, tips and tricks and also watch my...

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How to motivate yourself to workout

I do suffer from gym fatigue from time to time. This may seem hard to believe from looking at my enthusiastic posts on Social media, but there have been and are times in life when the gym is just not calling to me. It is at times like this when I Need to take stock...

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Eating Well Made Easy, New book!

Hi guys, So I made a video last week about my new book and and guess what… the book is out TODAY! I have loved writing this book and will be making a video very soon to shout about how I wrote it and why it has been such an amazing journey. (You can catch that on my...

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My 100kg/220lbs deadlift!

So I am a lifter and I absolutely, positively love to lift. Deadlifts are my favourite. There is something incredibly empowering about lifting something really heavy! Especially the progression which comes with lifting weights, just going slowly and gradually adding...

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When I have a strong opinion about something occasionally I will do a video rant about it.

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