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I am Lorraine Pascale, Mum, Times bestselling author, TV chef, gym-obsessive and serial therapy goer. I have strong opinions on living life. And I am here to help you have the courage to live the life you want.


Sweet potato tortilla with jalapeños & dill

You will need a lid for your pan in this spicy Spanish-inspired recipe, but if you don’t have one, then cover tightly with tin foil or use a heavy baking tray on top instead. Also, ensure the pan has a heatproof handle as it will be going under the grill.  Time...

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Bakers vs Fakers Season Premier!

S0 the day has come! Tonight is The season 2 premier of Bakers vs Fakers and I will be hosting! Such fun working with great chefs, guests and production team. See below for details of the first show... Lorraine Pascale hosts this sweet twist on the familiar game:...

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What I eat when I am travelling….. before I workout

Hello! You all know by now that I am just as about as mad about fitness as I am about baking. I am consumed by it. my life is a constant balance between fitness and cake. So a question I am asked lots is what do I eat before I work out. Well, the answer is nothing......

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The Eventi Hotel Restaurant ‘L’Amico’ New York City

I have been having the best time in New York. I used to live here way back when and I fell out of love with it for a short spell but now.. its back on my radar... true love never dies! I was shooting Beat Bobby Flay in Midtown which was oodles of fun. Lots of shouting...

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Be who you want to be; The power of Authenticity

Staring at the view from my hotel room, I became mildly melancholic, pondering on some of life's deeper issues. It can be such a challenge to be who we really are in the world today. Can you relate? But then who is that person that you really are when you are alone...

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My 10 ways towards accepting your body

  I am writing this for everyone, including myself. I have spent so many years not liking bits of my body and being that voice within that berates judges and compares. The thing is no matter how one looks; most people can spend a good amount of time, picking...

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New York, Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of!

I have just returned from a week in New York where I have been filming a new show for the Food Network USA.  Some of you may know that I am a judge on a few shows there already. Spring Baking Championships and the Holiday baking Championships to name a couple pictured...

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In praise of turmeric, the magic yellow spice.

Two nutritionists that I worked with on my healthy eating book Eating Well Made Easy introduced me to the benefits of Turmeric.  It is hard to believe that this ochre coloured spice could have such powerful properties. I have used it in a couple of my dishes as just...

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When I have a strong opinion about something occasionally I will do a video rant about it.

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