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I am Lorraine Pascale. You may know me as the Chef on the TV. I am also a speaker and author. My mission is to help you have less fear so you can achieve the things you want in life.  I am devoted to helping you overcome the self-doubt that holds you back so you can live a more fulfilling life. And become the bravest person you know.


The Algarve: The Old School House and the Old Mill

I was lucky enough to head to the Algarve two weeks ago as the UK nights began to close in. The weather in the Algarve was still hot enough for Summer wear with a light sweater in the evenings. I was staying as a guest of the Vila Vita Parc and they organised a few...

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What to do in New Orleans

Start off the day right with one of the best coffees in town. Stumptown has several branches all over America. Once you have your coffee in hand take a look around the lobby of the ACE Hotel. It has a bar with cozy lounge seats and sofas and rugs. If you get up early...

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A day trip to Cambridge

I have the wanderlust! After years of only travelling out of necessity or for a yearly Summer break, I feel an intense need to travel and explore the world. But instead of looking far a field for my first trip, I decided to start on my own front door step. Cambridge!...

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5 Big reasons why Podcasting is the future

Some of us like entertainment, when are doing makeup, getting ready for work, looking at emails, sitting on public transport, working out at the gym and walking the dog.  But how hard is it to watch a video or scroll through Facebook when we are already doing...

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The flexible eating plan

Good morning! I hope you are having a great day so far. I wanted to say a massive thank you to all the love on my Instagram post. So many of you messaged and commented about how I stay slim and still do the Baking job I do and so I wanted to write a very brief post...

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The gym and mental health

I'm not an expert in mental health but I, like most of us have had my fair share of ups and downs and had to find ways to get through challenging times. Two years ago today my mother passed away. But today is not for suffering, of course there is pain but I choose in...

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