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I am Lorraine Pascale. You may know me as the Chef on the TV. I am also a speaker and author. My mission is to help you have less fear so you can achieve the things you want in life.  I am devoted to helping you overcome the self-doubt that holds you back so you can live a more fulfilling life. And become the bravest person you know.


Wellness is not just about Abs and Avocados

After spending a week in the wellness research rabbit hole, it struck me that most articles and information about wellness is staying fit, eating right and participating in Ukraine gymnastic-like yoga. I like you try my best to get it all right, from supplements, to...

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I wonder why we don’t have a mental health five a day?

  I went to borough market the other day, London’s most vibrant food market. Thursday to Saturday are your best bet to visit when it’s all whistles and bells, and all the stalls are open. Take a trip there then, and you can see it in its full technicolour sweet...

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How to meditate- part 1

I'm not a meditation teacher. Like so many things related to wellbeing and self-care, I prefer to call myself a researcher and an experiencer. I like to delve deep into things, experience them for myself and then share them with others. My meditation journey began...

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Hosting the The Social Worker of the Year Awards

As some of you may know I spent a  bit of time in foster care as a child. From birth to to 18 months and then later on as a young child. Social workers were a consistent in my life right up until around 16 years old. So I was honoured to be asked to be the host and to...

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British Vogue Party with New Editor Edward Enninful

On Tuesday night I was invited to the launch of  British Vogue with my dear friend Edward Enninful as the New Editor of the Magazine. The party was held in the River Cafe, West London.  I first worked with Edward in the early nineties when I lived in Ladbroke Grove,...

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The 10 best things about Majestic Monaco

A dear friend invited me to Monaco where they now reside and I immediately jumped at the chance.  I am not a fan of Squeasy Jet and so I went to old faithful BA. They had a few flights scattered about leaving from City Airport, Gatwick and Heathrow. The City Airport...

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