My 100kg/220lbs deadlift!

So I am a lifter and I absolutely, positively love to lift. Deadlifts are my favourite. There is something incredibly empowering about lifting something really heavy! Especially the progression which comes with lifting weights, just going slowly and gradually adding more and more weight. So last week I went to Lomax Gym to train with a strength and conditioning expert there called Jordan. I have been deadlifting for a while but really wanted to go heavier and with that proper form is really really important. We started out on 40kg.

As with so much in health and fitness there are so many opinions, some based on Science and a whole lot more based on Bro Science but Jordan lifts weights competitively. Someone who lifts weights competitively and not just for aesthetic reasons, may well have more of a focus on form. If you are just lifting to look good, then it is all about reps and total weight lifted with sets rather than the best way to lift the heaviest load for low reps or maybe even just for 1 rep. There was so much to take in and much of the session consisted of activating glutes and getting the back strong, warming up and opening up the chest and all things which may not seem as much fun as just get down and picking up the weights but which are really important to get things on the right track. I am quite tall (5ft 10/ 178cm) so it is fairly hard for me to get right down low chest up, back straight, shoulders down, shin straight.. but all of these things are what it takes to have the proper form. Weights were added between each lift and I did not know how much was going on… but then the iphone video camera came out so I new I was lifting something pretty special for me. My previous personal best was 70kg. So I bent down and took AGES to position myself and get everything right. Chest up, chest up… this is so key, as its ensures that your back is straight and supported, I planted my feet in to the ground and just repeated to myself ‘you’ve got this’ then pushed with my feet pulled with my arms and thrusted with my glutes (no ther way to say it) and then boom! I was up… 100kg. It felt so empowering! I could not believe it. But I loved it so much. I always had a thing about lifting.. loved watching it in the Olympics as a kid. Anyway… over and out for me. I do hope you will try lifting at some point. It really is the best way of getting in shape, the fastest way of getting in shape and the most fun. Cardio has its place and I do that also… but lifting weights is where it’s at for me. Have a good day, thanks for reading! LPxxx

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