Meze style bowl with Butternut squash and chick pea falafels

I am loving making these ‘bowls’ of food at the moment. My new book Bake is coming out in a couple of days, and so I have been balancing out the cake with these beautiful creatures. Make this ahead and have it for  lunch a couple of times in the week. It is super filling and vegetarian too, and it can easily be made vegan with a few clever changes if you so wish! The recipe is below. Have a beautiful day!

Serves 1 very big portion

1/2 an aubergine sliced horizontally in to slices

1 handful of cherry tomatoes

I handful of prepared artichokes

1 handful of mixed olives

1 handful of feta

Pea hummus:

2 handful of frozen peas (cooked and drained)

1 tbsp of Greek yoghurt

1 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

1 tbsp of tahini

Butternut squash and chickpeas falafels

1 tin of chickpeas (400g)

1 large handful of butternut squash cooked

1 tbsp of egg

1/2 of a red onion finely diced

pinch of garlic

1 handful of fresh mint and or coriander

Coating (do not add these ingredients to the blender)

1 handful of flour ( I used quinoa flour, but plain is fine)

2 tbsp of sesame seeds (I used a mixture of black and white)


1/4 cucumber cubed

2 tbsp of Greek yoghurt ( I used 0%)

1 pinch of garlic

a small handful of mint leave finely chopped

salt and pepper

Serves 1


Pan fry the aubergines in some oil until they are going blackened and then set them aside to cool .Arrange the tomatoes, artichokes on to the serving plate and set aside and then add the aubergines.


Put all of the hummous ingredients together and blitz until they are smooth adding a little water if need be, season to taste and then set aside.


Mix all of the falfafel ingredients together in a blender to form a thick paste. Then carefully roll them in to approx 8 equal size patties. Put the flour and sesame seed mixture on to a plate and the cover the patties with the flour and seeds and set aside. Once they are all done, pan fry them in a little oil for 1-2 minutes on each side or until they are cooked through.


Mix the tzatiki ingredients together in a bowl and set aside.

Arrange everything in the bowl or plate of your choice. Then drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and serve!







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