Lunch at the Victoria Pub, Barnes


I love cooking and I love eating out. Which I do as much as I can. Sometimes I get in to a bit of a rut and just eat out at the same delicious places but more often than not I try to change things up a bit. I tweeted to my followers asking them about a restaurant/bar in the Richmond area of London and this pub came up several times as highly recommended. So  a tweet to them later and I had a reservation made.


The food comes out in smallish tapas plates which I love as sharing food is a must. There is an outside area which gets pretty busy when the weather is nice. Greg Bellamy is the restaurateur here and Paul Merrett the incredibly talented chef. If you fancy a tipple they have over 25 wines by the glass which is a result if you do not feel like downing the whole bottle! And should you fancy it, they have some beautiful rooms to stay in too.


After a massive lunch you can go for a walk in Richmond Park which is just around the corner. A blissful find. The Victoria Pub, Delightful.

Have a great day




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