I don’t want your dog’s poo.


I used to live in a small town outside of Oxford. When we moved in, we had a patch of garden at the back of the house. At first, it was just a pile of earth, but my mother paid someone to come in and cover it with AstroTurf. When it was finished, it was beautiful, perfectly lush and green. However, each morning when we woke up it looked a mess. Dog owners were walking passed and allowing their dogs to wander into the garden. Our beautiful lawn was becoming a magnet for dogs to poo and for people to throw trash. My mum acted quickly and called back the gentleman who had lay down the AstroTurf. She instructed him to erect a 7ft fence around the garden with a small gate at the end so we could come and go.

The gardener set to work. Within 1 week he had erected the fence and then covered it with a smelly paint, to protect it from the wind and rain.

The first morning after it was complete, I raced downstairs to take a peek. My mother was standing outside admiring the dog poo free grass.

Looking back I now see the life message in this story. People will try to dump their stuff on us. If we do not show them where the line is, they will keep on crossing over it and trampling over us. When this happens, we feel overwhelmed and taken for granted.  But now we have a chance to change all that. We can erect personal boundaries and only let in what we allow. What and who are you saying yes too, when perhaps you could start saying no?



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