Double Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins

Hello, Good afternoon to you. Scroll down past these six pictures and you will find the recipe.

FYI. This mixing bowl was the one I used to test all of the recipes for baking made easy. Memories.

This recipe makes six hefty brownies!

So I do not bake very much anymore. I write I do TV, and I talk about it a lot about baking, but the actual process of baking? Not so much. I was feeling in need of some nurturing food. Some thing rich, dark and filling with a slightly healthy edge. I confess with flying around so much that these days I have been eating out an awful lot or getting delivery in. Now this recipe will take some freestyling from you, which is not a method I like to sing about. But a lot depends on the type of protein you use and also the type of protein powder that you use. Each one will require a different quantity of milk. I am going to talk you through it though so you will have me right there every step of the way. I used Neat Nutrition Vegan protein powder and the freeform fairy flour. If you are a freeform person, I highly recommend it. Great product which is full of fibre too. Rare for a gluten-free flour. Let’s go.


1oog of neat nutrition vegan vanilla protein powder

175g of the freedom fairy flour ( I used her plain flour)

70g of dark or milk chocolate chips

65g of caster sugar

50g of cocoa powder

2 tsp of baking powder

2 medium eggs

325-400ml of semi-skimmed milk


Preheat the oven to 210c/190 fan/gas mark 6 and line a muffin tin with the paper cases. You can either make 12 tiny ones of these of  6 big ones. I like the big ones so that the mixture fills the cases nicely.

As this mixture is gluten-free and contains protein, the texture will be a little different to your usual muffins. The top will look a little dry once baked, but I brushed mine with a little avocado oil for the picture.

I am not one for the whole two bowls with the wet and the dry. With muffins, I just put it all into the one bowl and the mix using as few stirs as possible so that your muffins are not super overworked and chewy.

Now, this is the part where you have to use your expertise. The mixture needs to be looser than a usual cake batter but then not super runny, so you will need to add the 325ml of milk first. Then gradually add  the amount that you need until it reaches a ‘reluctant dropping consistency’.

Then using an ice cream scoop or two large spoons portion the mixture out into the paper cases. Then pop the muffin on to a baking tray (this makes it easier to maneuver in and out of the oven and bake it for around 20 minutes. Check it after 15; I pulled mine out when there was a little squidge inside still but the outside was cooked. It is important that these are not overbaked as we want your muffins to be moist and chocolatey inside.

I ate mine fresh from the oven when it was still warm and the chocolate chips, although still in their shape were still gooey. Yes, please!

Enjoy baking them and let me know how you get on with them. And remember different proteins and flours will behave differently. If you are going to use regular plain flour, then you will not need as much liquid in the recipe as gluten-free flour tends to be quite thirsty.

Have a lovely day and thank you for reading. I know how busy you are and I very much appreciate you visiting my website!

Big love

Lorraine xxx


Please excuse typos and grammatical errors. I only achieved a C in English GCSE 🙂



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  1. 15th December 2018 / 7:47 am

    Hi my brother is doing high protein diet and he would like me to make more protein based cakes , I can bake but never made cakes with protein so would like some recipes .
    Please help
    Many Thanks

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