Creamy Home-Made Unsweetened Nut Milk

A rich, creamy, home-made almond milk is a great way to get bone-friendly calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and healthy fats. This recipe uses almonds, but experiment with different nuts, such as cashews or hazelnuts. Pumpkin seed milk sounds bonkers, but it is actually really nice, so do give this a try, too! The nuts require an overnight soak, but aside from that, the milk is quite simple and quick to make. 

makes 450ml

 165g blanched almonds 

Seeds of 1 vanilla pod (optional) 

1 Medjool date, pitted (optional) 

Put the almonds in a bowl and pour over enough water to cover the almonds by about 2cm. Leave the almonds to soak for about 8 hours or overnight, then pour off this soaking water and rinse them gently under cold water. Pop the almonds in a blender and add 450ml water. 

Blend the almonds for about 4–5 minutes, scraping down the sides two or three times to make sure everything is blended in nicely. There are all sorts of fancy bags and whatnot to do the next bit in, but I just like to use a piece of muslin/ cheesecloth.

 Put a large sieve over a bowl and line the sieve with it so that the fabric overlaps the side a lot. Then tip the almond mushy mixture into the sieve. I like to get my hands in and really squidge all the liquid (almond milk) from the almonds. Once you have got as much liquid as possible out of the mixture, put the strainer and the almond mush aside and taste the almond milk. Add some vanilla seeds and a date, if using, and mix together well. Keep in the fridge for up to 2 days.
Big love Lorraine xxx 


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