Contemporary African Food: Lerato Supper club. Things to do on the weekend in London.

It’s good to do different things over the weekend. I have the tendency to frequent the same restaurants in my area and not try anything new. So I was pleased when my good friend Nicki invited me to a Sunday lunchtime “Supper club” situated in the Joker Pub in North London. This was my first eating experience of this kind. Nicki had found the tickets on grubclub a website which lists Pop-up dining experiences happening around the capital. This was my first real experience of a full African meal. I have visited many parts of Africa on my travels but not had the full meal affair. Things started off with a fine Bloody Mary served in cool jars with handles and things just got even better with every course. See here:

Bloody Mary most fine.. Virgin or No?

Plantain in a spicy tomato sauce

I basically ate the whole plate of this, such is my love of bread. The stuff on the right is made from black beans so full of protein which I love! These are the rest of the courses which followed:

Roasted aubergine

Braised Kale with shallots

And then to top it all off we had banana beignets served with a chocolate dipping sauce. All whose pictures I forgot to take due to the sheer gluttony of my stomach over my iphone!

Almost as alluring as the food was the Joker pub an eclectic interior designers dream…




Do give Lerato’s Supper club a try. She does get sold out pretty quickly so have a look at her website for regular updates. I really enjoyed the experience of trying new food with interesting people in new surroundings.

Big love

Lorraine xxx


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  1. 10th January 2018 / 3:05 pm

    Thanks for this wonderful review Lorraine. It means a lot to me to have fed you and it was the ultimate privilege as I admire a strong and talented woman like you. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year! Lerato x

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