Huvafenfushi in the Maldives

Heaven on Earth

I was lucky enough to visit Huvafenfushi in the North Atoll in the Maldives.

We stayed in an ocean bungalow with magnificent views.

Each morning Burt the resident Heron would join us for breakfast.,

We only made breakfast on two days because of the jet lag!

The island is only 350 metres by 150metres but there are lots of dining options from easy beach side dining to a fabulous raw restaurant perched over the ocean. Very healthy, extremely tasty and filling.

They have an awesome gym complete with good weights and a smith machine!

Managed to do some booty exercises on the deck also ?

They have the worlds first under water spa! But didn’t manage to get any treatments in.

The best Holiday I’ve had and the food by chef Stephen Jones was outstanding. Thank you Huvafenfushi! Hope to see you again. LPxxx

Vagabond café N7

Finished filming my collaboration with mumsnet and found this little gem not far from the Arsenal. Full of both sweet and savoury treats. I did a half arsed gym session and so much as I would have loved to have the goat’s cheese salad which was on offer, I opted instead for a filled seeded bap full of good ham.

The vibe is peaceful and there are lots of people tapping away at their computers cradling large cups of coffee. It feels more East village New York than Highbury and Islington and is absolutely worth the 7 minute from the tube station.

Vagabond N7 105 Holloway Road N7 8LT  @vagabondN7