Bakers vs Fakers Season Premier!

S0 the day has come! Tonight is The season 2 premier of Bakers vs Fakers and I will be hosting! Such fun working with great chefs, guests and production team.

See below for details of the first show…

Lorraine Pascale hosts this sweet twist on the familiar game: could a talented home baker out-cook a professional, or do true professionals have skills that no amateur could match? With the playing ground even — no higher standards for the professional, no sympathy for the amateurs, and no one knowing their true identity — a blind taste test will determine which is the best dish.

Pro and amateur bakers face off during a fruit tart battle, but some find the challenge a tough nut to crack when pistachios are introduced as the surprise ingredient. In round two, host Lorraine Pascale and judgesSunny Anderson and Zac Young see which bakers best combine a variety of mustards with their sweet treats. 

I hope you enjoy the show. Let me know what you think! Have a great day.

Big love

Lorraine xxx








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