A proper pick me up and anti-inflammatory

I eat ginger every single day. Mostly in my morning smoothie to cover up the flavour of the powders and tinctures which I put in it. But I also know that has many healthy benefits from things like soothing sore tummies, to helping calm feeling sick and also reducing inflammation in the body. Of course, it is also easy to make your pure ginger juice at home, but a word of caution… it is soo very hot that it tingles your mouth more than just a little bit. I purchased this juice from a haven of healthy food and deliciousness on the Fulham Road in London. Cpress juice is a gem of a place with a wall of cold-pressed juices (so much better for you than regular juices) and salads and vegan power balls of all descriptions. I had a sip of this and then had to wait for a little for the heat to subside! Having this throughout the day picks me up, keeps me awake and I love it for the good things it is doing for my body and soul. Do check out Cpress.

Address 295 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9PZ.

Lorraine x


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