5 Big reasons why Podcasting is the future

Some of us like entertainment, when are doing makeup, getting ready for work, looking at emails, sitting on public transport, working out at the gym and walking the dog.  But how hard is it to watch a video or scroll through Facebook when we are already doing something else? Gary Vaynerchuk (Media mogul extraordinaire) has inspired me greatly. He believes, and I am with him on this, that Audio is the future. Search Podcast in Google trends and you will see its popularity is growing exponentially and I love it. These are my five big reasons why podcasting is the future.


  1. The amount of knowledge available is enormous. From learning about to Philosophy to Sex to having something to help cure your insomnia. It is all there as and when you want it.
  2. We are getting busier and busier, and we like to consume content all the time, so listening to a podcast while we are doing other things is the way forward
  3. There are incredible new Apps like Anchor which means you can create a podcast from the comfort of your living room without even having to buy any additional equipment. You just need your smartphone, and that’s it.
  4. Traditionally, telling stories was a way of passing on knowledge, some of us still have that in our families, but technology now means we learn new information in many different ways, the newest of which is podcasting.
  5. Each week there is more and more new and exciting talent starting podcast bringing us entertaining and innovative information which we just love to consume.

I have started a new podcast on the Anchor app, and I am having fun with it, exploring different things until I settle on something which works for you,  my audience. You can have a listen here to the latest episode:


Let me know what you think and let me know if you are going to start a podcast anytime soon!

Big love

Lorraine xxx


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