Protein Packed Vegan Buddha Bowl with black Sesame

Can’t get enough protein on a vegan diet? Well this dish should solve that problem for you. This Buddha bowl is packed with protein and all the good stuff. A perfect dish for your meat free Monday, Vegan vibrant and quick. I chose a balsamic ginger dressing but feel free to dress with whatever you like.  It is snowing outside, but having  just spent the last 24 hours travelling, I was craving something fresh and clean. So I battled the elements to buy these ingredients and throw them all together. Here are five reasons why you should make this salad for you next weekday lunch. For the dressing add 1 part balsamic to 3 parts oil and then grate in some ginger. Season with salt and pepper and then drizzle over the salad. If you have a juicer you can juice the ginger and add that to your dressing instead.

It is Vegan

Even if you are not a vegan, having a meal or two away from meat is only a good thing. I am a part-time vegan which comes in to play as the mood suits.

There are more anti-oxidants in black beans than in any other legume

There are lots of anti-oxidants in this dish but black beans are my go-to when I fancy a legume. Not only are they they highest in anti-oxidants but they also are very high in protein and lower in carbs too.

Microgreens rock

Are unbelievably tasty and have more nutrients then their fully grown brothers. Additionally they are so easy to grow. Remember the mustard microgreens you may have grown at school. I would love to say I picked these fresh this morning from my abundant window planter, but they are actually from M and S.

Short Cut Spiraliser

The courgetti look like they have been spiralised or at the very least julienned. But this handy work is thanks to a serrated edge potato peeler available here. Simply peel the courgette as if you were just removing skin and then keep on peeling. Magic! And no washing and storing of that big old plastic thing.

Black sesame seeds

Not only do they have a load of nutritional benefits such as lowering cholesterol and balancing hormones but they make the tofu taste much better too.


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  1. Beatrice Stephens
    22nd April 2018 / 1:05 am

    I don’t have a vegan diet, but I do eat mostly vegetarian with some fish. I do not like tofu or a lot of the fake meats, so I struggle with getting enough protein! I am always excited to see new and different ideas for protein! Thanks! Hope you start posting more on youtube, that’s where I found you!

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