‘My beautiful little girl gave me inspiration’

5th March 2014

Samantha Pearson lost an astonishing eight stone in three and a half years and now she dreams of inspiring other women who need a helping hand.

Determined to get started, Samantha set up her own blog and explains how setting up small goals can help kick-start your weight loss journey in an exciting and positive way.

Can you tell us a bit about your weight-loss journey?
Over the last three and a half years I have lost eight and a half stone. This has most certainly changed my life for the better although I am still getting my head around being 'slim'.

What made you want to lose the weight?
My beautiful little girl Lilly gave me inspiration to get started, I wanted to be healthy for her.

I have decided to start a blog about my experiences and I love it!

Writing down how I feel now and how I felt being bigger certainly helps. My dream eventually is to start a career in the wellbeing/health industry and to help others be happy with who they are, their lifestyle and nutrition.

You say you’d like to inspire other women, but who inspires you?
Someone in a shop can be really happy, friendly and chatty and that inspires me to be more like that. Someone cooks something amazing, I want to do that! Someone dresses beautifully; I’m going to dress like that!

I think pretty much all my friends and family have inspired me in one way or another, with their kindness, love, strength and also weaknesses.

I think we can learn so much from one and another and only when I started to process the word ‘inspiration’ in my little whirlwind head, I thought actually that’s not so cringe and it’s pretty amazing! I hope I do inspire people in the same way people do with me every day :)

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
My dream is to help people with losing weight but to be happy and excited about doing so.

Do you have any inspiration advice for someone wanting to start their own weight-loss journey?
Setting small goals and achieving them was what worked best for me. First it was a size 20, then a 18 (which opened up my shop selection from just New Look and Evans) then a 16, then 14 and so on. Each target hit was a massive confidence boost and made me feel fantastic.

I still do this now, but more with exercise, for example, I started out last year doing prime mover ( a fantastic fitness app) that entails moving up in levels and each time I moved up, I felt great. Or doing 25 sit ups, then 50, then 100.

So to sum up my little outburst, let’s all have a great big group hug (it is nearly valentines after all!!) and inspire each other!!!

I have so many stories of people close to me in my life who have truly been inspirational and I genuinely believe in being inspired by others :)

Read Samantha's blog here.

James Grant

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  • An inspiration but then I am biased being the proud Dad!

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