‘Happiness will be found again’

5th March 2014

Following the loss of her premature baby daughter two years ago, Hayley Hovey was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Since then she has overcome her illness and is providing strength for other people suffering from cancer and bereavement.

How old were you when you were diagnosed with bowel cancer?
I'm 34 and was diagnosed with bowel cancer two years ago. I'm now clear of cancer but have had to overcome (and still am) massive hurdles.

Can you tell us how you were diagnosed?
The way I found out my illness was due to giving birth to my 13 week premature daughter and losing her at 4 weeks old.

Watch Hayley’s film for Bowel Cancer UK's charity 'Never Too Young' campaign

Hayley's Story from Bowel Cancer UK on Vimeo.

How has life changed since you discovered your illness?
I've made what has been the most difficult few years of my life into a message of hope by helping people who have been diagnosed with cancer or lost babies, that life can indeed and will continue.

Happiness will be found again.

I wrote a blog documenting my journey with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and how I felt being diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 32. I also opened up about how it feels to be a bereaved mother - it was very much a therapeutic experience to write down how I felt…

Read Hayley’s blog here.

Hayley featured as a WOW Woman of inspirational in November 2012.

Find out more about the work of Bowel Cancer UK here.

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  • Well done Hayley - just past my fourth year - looking good on results, So sad on losing your child, being positive saves lives.

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