The Truth About Fostering

20th December 2013

In a new BBC documentary, Lorraine highlights the need for foster care in Britain today.

The Truth About Fostering is a one-off film looking at the realities of foster care in the UK, fronted by Lorraine who was herself a child in care.

Adopted at 18 months old and then fostered at eight, Lorraine believes that fostering “saved her life".

“I believe foster care is the Cinderella of the care world and there is far more emphasis put on adoption. I'm making this film to throw the spotlight on to fostering and hopefully encourage more people to consider it as an option,” explains Lorraine.

In Britain today, a child is placed in foster care every 22 minutes and the number needing homes continues to rise. Eight-thousand seven-hundred and fifty new foster families must be found across the UK over the next 12 months to avoid a real crisis. But, despite this urgency, fostering is still the poor relation of Children’s Services. Adoption often hits the headlines but only 5 per cent of all ‘looked after’ children actually end up being adopted.

In this one-hour documentary, Lorraine takes us into the world of fostering and provides an insider’s guide to foster care. As well as telling her own personal story and examining the impact of fostering on her life, Lorraine will also gain extraordinary access to the fostering process at a London local authority. Meeting with the social workers, care teams, children and young people currently being fostered, Lorraine will find out what it takes to be a foster carer, and what the children think of the system and care they receive.

Lorraine Pascale: The Truth About Fostering airs on the BBC in the new year.


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  • Look forward to watching this. Fostering is the Cinderella of the care world but it shapes and makes people's lives. Everyone needs the loving care and support of a family. Good stuff Lorraine.

  • I knew u were having something special... I like ur program and now i like ur mission. ... And wish u can do so many good things aftee sharing ur experience. And encourage people to forter.

  • Does anyone know when the programme airs on TV, as I am thinking of being a foster carer.

  • Really looking forward to this program. In the meantime anyone interested in fostering should visit a free government funded helpline for fostercarers and those interested in fostering. Call Fosterline on 0800 040 7675. Thank you Lorraine for raising the profile of fostering.

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