A Lighter Way To Bake: Your questions answered

3rd December 2013

Hi, readers! I’ve been busy rustling up over a hundred new recipes for my new book A Lighter Way To Bake – giving you the naughty but nutritious treats we all deserve every now and then – especially right now!

Below, I have strived to answer some of your brilliant questions on how to get a slice of Lighter Baking into your life. Enjoy!

Gareth 'Gazley J' Richards, Facebook

What do you eat, on a work out day, that you love that's healthy & nutritious?

I usually just eat some grilled salmon and pan fried asparagus with some spinach leaves – I like to try and eater lower carbohydrate meals if I’ve had a naughty indulgence like cake!

What's your absolute favourite "awww to hell with it" treat meal?

Macaroni cheese definitely! I’m a sucker for a savory treat – macaroni & cheese hits the spot every time!

Wiola Michalek, Facebook
What was your worst kitchen disaster?

I made a cheesecake and then dropped it on the floor! I was absolutely gutted, it took hours to make and I’m not sure you can follow the three second rule for a whole cake! ;)

Sarah Patterson, Orlaith McCollum and Tracey Armitt, Facebook
A slim line, lighter cupcake and frosting recipe please!

Wow - so many of you want a lower calorie cupcake recipe! Luckily for you, I’ve whipped up two little beauties in my new book. Low-fat cream cheese and crème fraiche make up most of the frosting on my Pumpkin and Spice Cupcakes, while a dash of Irish cream liquer adds a naughty edge to my Skinny Caffe Latte Butterfly Cakes! I was inspired to make the pumpkin cupcakes after a jet-lagged journey to LA – the mecca of healthy living!

I’ve substituted butter in a lot of my cake recipes for less naughty products like yoghurt – so the texture might not be exactly what you’re used to – still delightful but a little different. Cakes with a lower fat and sugar content can sometimes have a firmer crust but will still be as fluffy as a cloud on the inside!

Lynne Milford ‏@LMMilford, Twitter
My boyfriend loves chocolate. Any #lighterbaking way of making chocolate brownies healthier?

In most recipes you can reduce the amount of butter by at least a quarter and still get a really good result, Lynne. Try My Blooming Brownies recipe too. These brownies are a much lighter version, with a slightly more cakey taste but still just the right amount of naughtiness to feel you are getting a tasty treat. This recipe uses wholemeal flour – it makes an appearance in lots of my new dishes as it adds fibre and a wonderful nutty flavour. Also, the carbohydrate is more slowly absorbed by the body than white flour – so an all-round win!

Edward Smith ‏@hotrod1687, Twitter

In your opinion Lorraine, what is the best and easiest way to cook fresh salmon?

I like mine cooked simply en papillote with some garlic, ginger, carrots and spring onions. There’s also a posh-take on the classic fish finger in Lighter Way To Bake - Baked Salmon and Thyme Fish Fingers with home-made tartare sauce. The addition of wholemeal breadcrumbs for the coating is a much healthier, fibrous take on the original and will release carbohydrates more slowly into your system than white. Kids will love them just as much and you can replace the salmon with cod, haddock or pollock as well. Be careful there are no bones in the fillet before cooking!

M ‏@MelinKigali , Twitter

Do you have a leaner Potato Gratin Dauphinoise that tastes as good as a full cream one please?

Potato Dauphinoise is by its very nature a truly indulgent dish. Traditionally made using lashings of double cream, I use a small bit of crème fraiche in its place for flavour with less fat for my version with thyme and sage. The addition of cornflour to thicken the sauce stops the dish becoming watery and tasteless, and gives this little French beauty the lift it needs!

Pick up a copy of A Lighter Way To Bake from Amazon here - an absolute bargain at £9!

James Grant

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  • je suis une femme marocaine fane de vous et très émue par tes recettes.j'aimerais bien avoir ton email afin d'avoir un contacte avec vous.mes enfants adorent énormément tes délices.

  • Once I saw an episode that you went to an indian street food "tent", but I don't remember were it was. Do you have any advices? Thks

  • My talent is to a designer, I love to a good chef,What do u advise me dear Lorraine Pascale. Thank you.

  • I would like to learn from you!

  • Hi, can you please tell me whether your lighter christmas pudding can be made in advance and frozen or must it be done near the day?


  • Hi, got your new book for Christmas and have started trying things out with mixed success. The pinwheel biscuits were yummy but the Cappuccino, Pecan and Cinnamon Muffins while really great in looks and texture have very little flavour at all ;((. Followed the recipe exactly too. I did note you talk about coffee granules in hot water in the description but no hot water is in the recipe? Is something amiss? Thanks!

  • I love Lorraine's recipe and I am using Lighter bites recipes and adjusting them for my diabetic husband. However, after recalculating the calorific values I have found they they are misleading in terms of the calories per cookie. For example I recalculated the Soft Choc Chip Cookies and found that her total calories when divided by 12 cookies as she has noted comes to 286k per cookie and not 200k as shown. Lorraine - care to comment?

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