Fridge essentials and favourite foods

20th February 2013

Lorraine lifts the lid on her favourite foods and fridge essentials as quiz her on cooking habits and kitchen aspirations.

First up, Lorraine explains all about her latest kitchen experimenting. "I just bought a slow cooker and I'm a bit nervous because it's on at home when I'm not there," worries Lorraine. "But apparently that's fine! I've put some pork shoulder in with some Chinese five spice. I just hope it's okay!"

But when there's no time for slow-cooking, what tips can Lorraine pass on for fast fixes?

"I love doing a quick lemon and tarragon roast chicken, spatchcock style," Pascale reveals. "You split the chicken in half and roast it flat, that way it cooks really quickly. I use lots of herbs on it with smashed roast new potatoes. For pudding I would go for a pavlova because it's really quick and simple."

Limoncello jello shots for parties are also a fast favourite from her repertoire, as well as her own prawn linguine with chorizo and cabernet tomato sauce. "The vegetarian lasagne is really tasty too!" she enthuses.

Taking a peek inside the foodie's fridge, Lorraine admits that her essentials are somewhat not always staple, adding that she has "a massive constant craving for cherry tomatoes, sparkling water and cheese."

Asked of common mistakes people make whilst baking, Lorraine's noted no-no is people using the wrong sized tin for a cake. "If the recipe says 8 inch they will try and get away with using a 6 inch because that's what they have, But it really affects the bake," she explains. "Also not weighing ingredients properly and having the heat to high when you're frying are big errors I notice regularly."

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The recipe is taken from Lorraine Pascale's Fast, Fresh and Easy Food.

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