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25th January 2013

Hello all and Happy January!
Is it still ok to say that?? And while we’re on the subject of what’s still acceptable, which of you still can’t face poultry following that Christmas turkey splurge?!

For me, poultry is absolutely fine as long as it’s not turkey (after that week-long overdose). Although I must admit I did freeze some festive goodies so I’m still going at those…

Everyone tries to eat healthily in the New Year, but by 12th Jan it has more or less gone out of the window for me as I try to banish those bleak wintery blues via the medium of food! I do try to lay off the carbs and go for light comfort food as much as I can, particularly after overdoing it with the sweets over Christmas. For succulent sweet treats with a bit of a twist, you could always go for some wintery, baked fruit instead –try my Fast, Fresh and Easy Rum punch roast pears, figs and peaches with toasted hazelnuts & vanilla crème fraiche, for example.

I know it’s technically the awards season, but in weather like this, I tend to stick by the heater wearing thick socks, Uggs and a scarf on my head. Not the most glamorous combo, but there you go! Plus my little car has been submerged by the snow recently, so it all points to a cosy spell indoors for the time being…

When it comes to exercise in this weather, I think there comes a point when you just have to push through the desire to stay by that fire. You never regret going to the gym - for a start, it’s warm! And it makes you feel so much better. So I recommend getting those endorphins going, committing to it three times a week and getting hooked.

I’ll let you into a little LP secret – 80s and early 90s dance music is my constant workout companion. I’ll often be accompanied on that treadmill by the dulcet tones of the Eurythmics, Level 42 and Spandeau Ballet! When I’m cooking I prefer to have the TV on, and when I’m writing it’s strictly no music. So there you have it.

When I’m blogging however, it turns out I also have to be eating, as I have been munching on Spanish Chorizo and cocktail sausages throughout this and now feel a bit sick!

There are some great films out this year and I recently saw Silver Linings Playbook – and not JUST because of Bradley Cooper! He really is easy on the eye though, isn’t he?! It is an inspiring, moving, gritty, funny movie about a perfectly imperfect, dysfunctionally functional family and it was a really nice surprise. And great to see Bradley in the role – a very deserving Oscar nomination I’d say ;) Ahem.

So it’s a brand new year and I’m really excited about getting on with the fourth book and testing out the recipes. I have some really exciting foodie and non-foodie projects underway, so I can’t wait to talk more about those in due course.

Look forward to hearing from you!

LP x

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  • A very happy 2013 to you. Looking forward to your next TV series.

  • Two marvellous winter dishes I am trying to make..... Pot au Feu- wonderful slow cooked beef, and bouquet garni ( 2-3 hours?) in a clear broth as a warming soup, and healthy vegetables, onion, cauliflower, leeks, carrots and a tasty flavourful waxy variety of potato (which?), softened and enriched in the stock, and served with strong homemade horseradish, (if I can dig it out of the snow!), best mild Dijon mustard and gros sel. Quelle re'gale! ("such a treat", Miranda!). Your recipe please Lorraine?

    2. Plump boiled chicken,(with carrots & leeks and celery) served with rich egg sauce (chopped boiled eggs)and slightly crunchy (not soft mushy) rice. Yumm Yummm! (An old family recipe-Jewish?- giving wonderful chicken stock for veggie soups, and cold chicken for sarnies, risotto and pilafs. Not expensive, a week's worth of food for under £17 at the butcher and a few veg. Try them out Lorraine they deserve a place in your fourth book!

  • Gosh you make me feel so guilty. You are already working out and stuff. You're car is so lil and cute. Must be hard to drive it in the snow though. Lorraine will you be giving any cooking classes in the future? I'm hopeless at baking :(

  • Believe or not, here in Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands it's also very cold. Of course not with snow and such... but still much colder than usual. So I may try those wonderful ginger pancakes on your last post!

  • Bought the 3 fab cookbooks for my 1 year married daughter on amazon recently and she has gone mad on trying out Lorraine's recipes.(wasn't a v interested cook up to this).. Style of the books and simplicity of the v tasty recipes is truly inspiring .. Have all 3 myself and just ordered 3 more copies to send to a pal in Newport Rhode Island... Thought u might like to have this positive feedback !

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