Pear, almond and amaretto tart with stem ginger mascarpone cream

1st November 2012

Ahead of her live Red Chat with Red Online, Friday 2nd November at 1pm, Lorraine has shared a recipe for a fabulous French inspired tart with Red magazine - this sweet treat is the perfect autumn dessert!

"I have had my eye on this little tart for some time. I first consumed a tart like this in all its ambrosial splendour in a supermarket cafe in France. Determined to recreate one like it at home, I set about trying to make it from memory. Being challenged many times over to find pears in the peak of their ripeness, a can of their tinned counterparts came to the rescue with very pleasing results!"

Read the full recipe on Red Online's website here.

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James Grant

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  • The Tart looks amazing going out to buy a tin so I can make one.

    • What size tin did you use,.?

  • This tart is AMAZING! I made it on boxing day for the family and it's been a regular hit ever since! :)

  • This tart looks amazing, and very ideal for my Easter Sunday meal with my family. I'm going to make it and I will let you know how my one tastes :-D I love watching you Lorraine, I would love to be successful like you in the chef profession.

  • I first made this at Christmas and it really was quick, easy and very tasty. The kids weren't really fussed on the pears so next time I did it with fresh raspberries on top. It turned out great and since then it has become a family favourite.

  • I made this tart it was easy to make and looked and tasted fantastic xx

  • This tart is delicious. I've made it around 5 times varying and everyone loves it. It's also delicious with blueberries instead of the pears! YUM

  • I've made this tart and it is delicious. I'm going to make it again today. I've not tried it with other fruit.

  • This is truly scrumptious. Made it with fresh, very ripe, pears.

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